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Views of the Pyrénées from Domaine de Nérige

View from Domaine de Nérige, country estate near Carcassonne

About Domaine de Nérige

A once neglected wine domaine, now renovated to offer luxurious self-catering accomodation with a private pool for 12 near Carcassonne in the South of France.

The discovery of this wonderful old house brought us through an epic journey to where we are today with a holiday home like no other in the Languedoc.

We fell completely head over heels in love with Domaine de Nérige. We viewed it on a miserable wet, freezing cold November day in 2002 and embarked on an emotional journey until completion in November 2003.

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Domaine de Nérige in 2002Domaine de Nérige in 2002Domaine de Nérige in 2002

Finding and buying Domaine de Nérige

We have both travelled extensively around the world and lived in a number of countries, including South Africa, New Zealand and Holland; between us we have visited over 80 countries. For most of our lives we have lived in England and still consider this to be our home, not only because we have our main residence there, but also because our children live in England.

We have frequently visited France over the last 30 years and really enjoyed the ‘feel’ of the country. Some friends of ours bought a property in the Aude and during our visits we fantasised about the possibility of owning a house in the area. During the second half of 2002 we tentatively started looking in the window’s of the local estate agents and as one inevitably does, we asked to view a few. The image of the type of property we might own just seemed to evolve. It would be old; outside a town; with views; with some land; requiring work; all in all a family home.

We looked at a number of different properties from derelict with one or two bedrooms to completely renovated 14 or 15 bedrooms. We were amazed at how many properties fell into the category, but were disappointed that almost none sparked our interest, fell within our price bracket or had potential for what we had in mind.

In November 2002 we landed at Carcassonne and were met by a local estate agent. We hired a car and followed her through driving rain into what seemed like the wilderness and miles from anywhere.

We parked on a gravel road and waited. Shortly, a French gentleman appeared in an old black Peugeot. Apparently the house we were to view was down an overgrown driveway which, although we were parked opposite it, could not even be seen! We jumped into his Peugeot and unbelievably headed through the bushes which turned out to be growing either side of the driveway. The car was getting scratched to pieces, wheels spinning in the mud but no one seemed to mind.

We arrived at a collection of buildings, the central one being a house of some lovely proportions, but looking visibly neglected. It was still raining and even before David got out of the car he said "this is not the place for us”. I thought differently.

The discovery of this wonderful old house brought us through an epic journey to where we are today.

We fell completely head over heels in love with Domaine de Nerige...

The Renovation

The once derelict rooms have been completely transformed, keeping original features to maintain the charm and unique qualities of the house.

With high-quality fixtures and fittings throughout, we hope you will love the holiday home that we have created. Here are some examples of the renovated rooms:

Bedroom before renovation
Bedroom after renovation
Covered terrace before renovation
Covered terrace after renovation
Bedroom before renovation
Bedroom after renovation

To see the finished holiday rental home, visit the Domaine de Nérige gallery...

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